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Wide Range of Kumho Tires

Kumho makes a broad assortment of tires that handle a wide range of driving applications, passenger touring, performance, light truck and SUV.

Kumho manufactures high-quality tires for virtually all import and domestic vehicles in the United States. Talk to Vinnie today to find the perfect Kumho tire for your vehicle–and your lifestyle.

Kumho Passenger Tires - Sedans and Cossovers

Solus KR21Solus KH16Power Star 758eco Solus HM KR22ecowing KH30

Kumho Passenger Tires - Luxury Cars

Solus KR21Solus KH16eco Solus HM KR22

Kumho Performance Tires

Ecsta XS KU36Ecsta MX KU15Ecsta LE Sport KU39Ecsta LX Sport KU27Ecsta ASX KU21
Ecsta SPT KU31Ecsta AST KU25Ecsta STX KL12

Kumho - Light Truck and SUV Tires

Road Venture SAT KL61Road Venture APT KL51eco Solus KL21Road Venture AT KL78Road Venture MT KL71
Ecsta STX KL12

Why choose Value Tire & Alignment

Preventative Maintenance, Diagnostic Services and Auto Repairs in Michigan, US


We have an expert certified team of technicians to meet your expectations for car air conditioning services, brake repairs and more.

Your vehicle contains many components that wear down over time and cause your car or truck to lose performance and fuel efficiency. An automotive tune-up here at Value Tire and Alignment analyzes all of these elements in order to determine what needs to be repaired to make sure your car or truck is running efficiently. Also, it can catch small repairs before they become big ones so you’ll have less break downs and costly overhauls. We recommended you have a tune-up every couple of years.


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We offer a comprehensive range of professional after-sales automotive services that will not void your new car warranty.

If you notice something is not right with your cars performance such as engine stalling or hear an unusual sound it is best to bring your car or truck in for a check immediately. We will inspected it in order to prevent further damage to you vehicle. Keeping up with routine maintenance is the best way to keep costly major repairs or overhauls from occurring and save money and time in the long run. Remember, costly auto repair can be avoided by keeping up with scheduled routine maintenance.