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High Performance Luxury Michelin Tires

Michelin tires have better fuel efficiency, more stopping power and better longevity. So its no surprise that in the Michelin Mans’s most recent adventure, he’s doing everything in his power to ensure a safe and happy ride.

Michelin manufactures high-quality tires for virtually all import and domestic vehicles in the United States. Talk to Vinnie today to find the perfect Michelin tire for your vehicle–and your lifestyle.



A little history on the Michelin tire brand

Michelin was incorporated back May 28th, 1888. It was started by two brothers named Édouard and André Michelin out of Clermont-Ferrand, France. Édouard Michelin, a great grandson of Édouard Michelin was CEO of the company until May of 2006 where he drowned in a fishing accident near the island of Sein, off the coast of Brittany (northwest of France.) Michel Rollier (a 2nd cousin Édouard) became the next CEO after his passing. In May of 2012 he was replaced by CEO Jean-Dominique Senard. Jean-Dominique is the first CEO in history that has become a CEO who is not related to any of the family members of the company.

The BFGoodrich company was started in 1870. In 1988, Michelin acquired the American tire and rubber divisions of this company. The plant in North Carolina supplied all of the tires to the US Space Shuttle program. A couple years later they bought Uniroyal as well. As of 2008, Michelin is one of the largest tire manufacturing companies in the entire world.


Passenger Car Tires


 Energy LX4 HarmonyEnergy Saver A/S Symmerty
 Destiny X RadialWeatherwise 2

Luxury Performance Touring Tires

Primacy MXV4Energy MXV4 S8Energy MXV4 PlusPrimacy MXM4Pilot MXM4
Pilot PrimacyPilot HP 

Light Truck Tires

XPS TractionAgilisX Radial LT2

Crossover and SUV Tires

Latitude TourLTX M/S2Latitude Tour HPLatitude SportLTX M/S
Cross Terrain SUV4×4 Diamaris4×4 SynchroneLatitude DiamarisX Radial LT2

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