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Nexen Tire USA Warranty Information

Every new product manufactured by Nexen Tire USA that becomes unserviceable for conditions except those which are listed under “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” will be covered by this warranty if you are the first purchaser or authorized dealer of any new products manufactured by Nexen Tire USA.

What is Covered and For How Long!

Material and workmanship warranty – During the warranty period Every product manufactured by Nexen Tire USA is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the initial warranty period, which is the first 2/32nd of an inch (1.6mm) of original usable tread depth or within 6 months from the period of purchase. (as documented by new vehicle registration or tire sales invoice) and the tire will be re-placed to the user free of charge. The cost of mounting, balancing and any other service charges including applicable taxes must be paid by the user.

After the initial warranty period – if above-captioned products becomes unusable due to workmanship and material defects, the user must pay the cost of a comparable new products manufactured by Nexen Tire USA on a pro-rata basis. Products manufactured by Nexen Tire USA will be determines as per the percentage of the usable tread depth. The user must pay for any associated service charges including mounting and balancing of the tire.

OUT-OF-ROUND or OUT-OF-BALANCE – Adjustment will be replaced only during the first 1/32nd of an inch(0.8mm) of original usable tread depth. “A set of more that 3 tires from the same vehicle claiming out of round will not be accepted.” The user must pay for any associated service charge including mounting and balancing of the tire. At the time of the first purchaser, the tire(s) must be perfectly mounted and balanced, proper air pressure and wheel balance because ride complaints are mainly caused by the driving axle on vehicle.

Period Warranty – If, before wearing down to 2/32nd of an inch (1.6mm) of tread depth remaining(worn down to the top of the built-in indicators in the tread grooves), NEXEN Tire covered by this warranty becomes unusable for any reason with in the manufacturer’s control for maximum period of 48 months from date of purchase(or before 60 months from the date of manufacture).


What is Not Covered

  • Tire is Unserviceable due to road hazards(cuts, snags, punctures & repair, recapped, bruises, impact break, chipping etc.), improper inflation, improper load, irregular wear, incorrect speed rating tire, accident, fire, chemicals, chain damage, racing, abuse, run flat, improper installation(wheel misalignment or tire/wheel assembly imbalance) or improper condition (improper tire and vehicle maintenance, misuse and abuse);
  • Ride disturbance claims submitted after 0.8mm of treadwear or for 3 or more tires from the same vehicle;
  • No portion of the warranty shall apply to any tires branded “NA”(meaning no adjustment) or “BLEM”(meaning blemished);
  • Ozone or weather cracking on tires over 4 years of the date of purchase;
  • Tires fitted to anything other than the original vehicle;
  • Tire worn beyond tread wear indicator(2/32nd” tread depth remaining);
  • Accident, fire, chemical corrosion, tire alteration or vandalism;
  • Use in commercial applications for treadwear;
  • Use in any other country
  • Flat spotting caused by improper storage’

Owner's Obligation

  • At the time of purchase the tire(s) must be properly installed with proper air pressure and the wheels balanced. Every 6,000 mile (9,500km), the tires must be rotated under the proper air pressure and the wheel alignment checked.
  • You must retain and present this warranty card along with proof of date and place of purchase in order to make a claim. The dealer’s name and address authorized by NEXEN
  • Tire corp. from whom the tires were purchased must be also included on this warranty form.
  • You must pay costs rating to mounting, balancing and any other service charges including applicable taxes.

High Performace Tires

N1000 N2000 N3000 N5000 N6000

Passenger Tires

CP641 CP662 CP672 SB650 SB702

SUV and Light Truck Tires

Roadian 541 Roadian 542 Roadian AT Roadian AT2 Roadian HP
Roadian HT SUV Roadian HT LT Roadian MT

Winter Tires

Winguard Winguard 231 Winguard Sport

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